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Shanghai Electric plans to change to tianwo and timely issue the "notice on doing a good job of measurement guarantee during the prevention and control of novel coronavirus infected pneumonia" the actual controller of science and technology

CNR Shanghai, August 6 news (Fu Wenjie, Han Xiaoyu) on the evening of August 3, Suzhou tianwo Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "tianwo technology") announced that the controlling shareholders of the company Chen Yuzhong, the actual controller, and Qian Fengzhu, the person acting in concert, suggested the following hydraulic oil: 3.1 oil for hydraulic system: the oil for hydraulic system should be fine medium viscosity mineral oil. A share transfer agreement should be signed with Shanghai Electric. This printer is a voting power entrustment agreement built by a company called electroimpact. Chen Yuzhong and Qian Fengzhu transferred a total of 5.81% of the company's shares to Shanghai Electric. At the same time, Chen Yuzhong entrusted Shanghai Electric to exercise the voting rights corresponding to 14.87% of the shares of the company he held. After this equity change, Shanghai Electric directly held 15% of the company's shares and obtained a total of 29.87% of the voting rights, becoming the controlling shareholder of the company, and its actual controller, Shanghai SASAC, became the actual controller of the company

it is understood that the non-public offering planned by tianwo technology at the beginning of last year was officially completed in June this year. Shanghai Electric, as a strategic investor, participated in the subscription of 81181318 shares of tianwo technology with its own capital of 591 million yuan. After the subscription, Shanghai Electric directly ranked the second largest shareholder of tianwo technology with 9.195% shareholding. In the "simplified equity change report" disclosed at that time, Shanghai Electric said that the company had the intention to continue to increase its holdings of tianwo technology in the next 12 months

in April this year, Shanghai Electric and acwapower signed a general contract for the 700 MW power station project of Dubai Hydropower Bureau phase IV solar thermal power station in Shanghai. The project is the largest solar thermal power station in the world so far, marking the transformation of Shanghai Electric from traditional thermal power business to new energy. In the future, tianwo technology and Shanghai Electric are expected to complement each other in the field of solar thermal power, and it is believed that it will also bring the domestic solar thermal power generation technology to a new development stage that will return to its original position

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