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Shanghai Chlor Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. plans to establish a PVC joint venture company in Yinchuan according to Shanghai Chlor Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. (SCAC), the company plans to establish a 10000 ton/year PVC plant in Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region with a joint venture with two domestic companies

the two domestic partners are the state-run Ningxia 2 method outline Ninghe Chemical Group Company (calcium carbide production company) and an electric power company that did not disclose the name of PVC pipe ring stiffness testing machine, which is also affected by the booming development of China's automobile industry and tire industry in recent years, accounting for 40 shares respectively. With the development of science and technology, SCAC also accounts for 30 shares. The new company is named Ningxia West PVC company, But it has not been established yet

the project adopts the acetylene route, using calcium carbide mixed with water to produce acetylene, acetylene reacts with hydrogen chloride to produce vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), and then uses VCM to produce PVC. The investment cost is estimated to be a little more than 900million yuan ($108.7 million/92.7 million euros). The project also produces a certain amount of caustic soda, chlorine and vinyl chloride monomers

the reason why the plant was selected to be built in Ningxia is that Ningxia has coal and the electricity price is competitive, which is only one third of that of Shanghai

the project mainly adopts domestic technology and plans to start in the second half of 2005. It is not clear how much impact the project will have on the talks between SCAC and TOSOH to build a PVC project in China. SCAC has held talks with Dongcao to build a PVC plant outside Shanghai and plans to start in 2005

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