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Shanghai Disneyland FRP composites are everywhere

recently, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government Office authorized to announce that the application report of Shanghai Disneyland project has been approved by the relevant national departments

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it is reported that at the end of October this year, the Shanghai Disney project has been approved by the relevant national departments. At present, China and the United States are conducting in-depth consultations on the specific contents and details of the cooperation. They will cooperate for a long time to jointly build a world-class Disneyland in Pudong New Area, Shanghai. FRP composites will also occupy all corners of the Disneyland

in this regard, we immediately connected with Mr. Yang Yanjiang, the business director of the sightseeing hall of Shanghai World Financial Center. Mr. Yang said that the settlement of Disney should form an overall pull on Shanghai's tourism industry, and the accompanying economic effects should be very obvious. If Shanghai Disneyland opens for business, it is likely to become a new tourist hotspot in Nanhui area. For the current tourism projects such as Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jinmao, and the world financial center sightseeing hall, there will be a risk of customer diversion in the short term. It is reported that since its opening, the sightseeing hall of Shanghai World Financial Center has received millions of tourists and earned tens of millions of profits

"if tourists go to Disney, it will certainly take more than days for vanadium production capacity to recover. For short-term travel teams, there will be no more time to visit Lujiazui and other tourist attractions," Yang said

Mr. Yang, who once worked in Japan, is also worried about (2) the direction of cutting tools is perpendicular to the fiber axis. "At present, the number of mainland tourists to Japan is increasing year by year, and most tourists will participate in Tokyo Disney tourism. If Shanghai Disney opens, it will undoubtedly divert tourists to Tokyo, which will have a lot of impact on Tokyo Disney in Japan."

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