Sp391 special for guide wheel with excellent eccen

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Sp391 special for guide wheels with excellent eccentric wear resistance shocked the market

recently, the overall weight of Dunlop remained at a reasonable level. Sp391 was launched. This tire has excellent handling stability and excellent eccentric wear resistance of children's bicycle material testing machine. In fact, it is rare to see eccentric wear performance, which can meet the performance requirements of the front axle of trucks

sp391 currently on the market has two specifications: 11.00R20 and 295/80r22.5. At present, there are three specifications of experimental machines on the domestic and foreign markets, namely 11r22.5, 12r22.5 and 315/80r2.5, which are about to be on the market

sp391 has the following product characteristics:

excellent eccentric wear resistance

long life

special for truck front wheels, fixed load product

applicable. Check whether the lifting ring is hung on the key blade for long-distance, fixed load, and the main body of the highway takes into account the use of some general road user groups

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