South Africa will produce LDPE with ExxonMobil Tec

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South Africa will use ExxonMobil technology to produce LDPE

Sasol polymer company of South Africa has obtained the patent right from ExxonMobil company of the United States to produce low-density polyethylene (LDPE) with high-pressure pipe. The latter two methods can only give qualitative concepts. Sasol polymer company, a branch of Sasol chemical industry company, plans to build a 220 kt/a low-density polyethylene production plant in sasolburg, South Africa, using ExxonMobil technology. The plant is expected to be completed and put into operation by 2005. Gary Schmidt, the manager of ExxonMobil's debt for global polymer patents, said that Sasol had sent an engineering team to inspect the company's technical equipment, and also visited the modern LDPE factory in Belgium. Then the two sides may need to slightly raise the spotlight to get enough lighting. A meeting will be held, At the meeting, ExxonMobil will complete the process design package and deliver it so that Sasol can start the project implementation as soon as possible. Howard, general manager of Sasol in charge of polyethylene business, believes that ExxonMobil's high-pressure LDPE production technology can enable Sasol to produce more polyethylene products with excellent performance to meet the growing market demand in South Africa

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